BlueLake Tec
The Innovation Portfolio

Our Competency: Innovation of the value creation chain

Strategy/Vision development

  • Comprehensive analysis - point of departure
  • Projection and scenarios - systematical application of early-phase innovation tools
  • Description - point of arrival
  • Vision formulation
  • Strategy derivation (Measures and decisions towards the vision)

Innovation Model application

  • Technology push
  • Market pull
  • Disruption
  • Open Innovation
  • TRIZ
  • WOIS
  • Design Thinking
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Blue Ocean framework
  • Jobs-to-be-done
  • Frugal innovation

Business Model development

  • Our innovation methodology covers all determining aspects of the business model.
  • It describes how an organization utilize resources, assets and processes in order to develop products/services, which create value for customers and the organization while running a certain revenue model in a business with a specific cost structure.

Market Model, -Intelligence development

  • Market assessment - regions, segments, customers, products (current, adjacent, unknown-markets)
  • Competitor analysis - competitiveness
  • Market forces - attractiveness
  • Economics (macro, micro)
  • Data collection and processing

Revenue-, Cost Model application

  • Revenue models, for instance: Production-, Mark-up, Subscription-, License-, Freemium- and Advertising model,
  • Cost model, for instance: value-driven, cost-driven, economy of scale, economy of scope

Product and Service development

  • Business case
  • Product development process
  • Organization: ownership, assignments, team
  • Requirements and specification
  • Risk management
  • Release management
  • Life-cycle management

Organizational development

  • Type and structure - strategy-fit
  • Culture - motivation
  • People - capability-fit (expertise and skills)
  • Partnering - gap closure
  • Team assembly - performance
  • Core competencies

Portfolio development and management

  • Value projection and scenario
  • Renewal/conversion rate
  • Value at risk assessment 
  • Industry benchmark
  • Competitiveness

Quantitative Trading System development

  • Trading system innovation
  • Active portfolio trading
  • Industry, sectors, enterprise analysis
  • Data mining